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Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urns

You can honor your relative or friend with our handmade, blown glass cremation urns.  Eternal Glass Urns are available for your memorial in three distinct series:  Tribute, Solace and Odyssey. Within each series there are two shapes,  Round and Tall.  The hand-blown glass Urns have a matching lid that can be sealed with a bead of silicone (by us or by you), or left as is for access to the ashes at a later date.   The Urns are signed by the artist, priced at $390, and are usually available in our Gallery/Studio.  View all styles and colors by clicking on the images below.

Turq Round 200w

Tribute Series

Cased Blue Round 1 W200

Solace Series

Odyssey Series

Odyssey Series

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Memorial Glass Paperweights

An alternative keepsake for a loved one, or even your pet,  is a solid Paperweight that is made specifically for you in our studio, with a small amount of cremation ash sealed inside a small inner bubble.  The ethereal appearance surrounding the bubble and one jewel-tone color complete this artistic keepsake.

The paperweights come in several colors and two shapes;  Egg and Sphere.   They are often ordered in multiples,  so that more than one member of a family can have a small, attractive memorial to their loved one, such as one for each grandchild.  The paperweight is signed on the side by the artist, and sells for $160.  We offer a 10% discount on orders of three or  more.

Click on the image to see all of the Memorial Paperweights.

Sky Blue Round w200

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 Crystal Engraved Memorial Disks

Our art glass can be made into a larger Memorial with space for personalized engraving with our two Disk designs, Gemstone and Silver.  Just like the paperweights, they are created specially for you, each with a central inner space containing a small portion of cremation ash provided by you. These Memorials are 6″ in diameter,  sell for $225, and are signed by the artist.

Engraving: The  Memorials are professionally engraved across the face with the deceased name and lifespan dates, by It’s A Blast.   The engraving cost for the samples shown runs $55-$60.  Epitaphs may also be added at additional cost.    It’s A Blast will contact you with the charge for your particular engraving, as well as send you a proof for your approval before completing the work.  Payment for engraving will be made directly to It’s A Blast.  You may choose a font from our samples, or speak further with It’s A Blast about your wishes.

See links to Disk designs and colors following the engraved samples.

MOZART-SAMPLE-2-w285 MOZART SAMPLE 1w inlay w285
Engraved glass cremation disk engraved glass cremation disk
TCHAIKOVSKY gradient 285w Blown glass cremation disk

Odyssey Series

Gemstone Series

Odyssey Series

Silver Series