Tucson Glass Festival

April 8, 9, 10                       


We are gearing up for the biggest glass event    Tucson has ever seen!  Featuring the glass  artists of  the Southwest and Latin America, museums and galleries all across town are showing glass art this spring.  Many of the exhibitions are already up,  including  “It’s A Dry Heat”, showing top artists from Arizona And New Mexico here at Philabaum Glass Gallery.  Our exhibition includes Bandhu Dunham, Jordan Ford, Bronwen Heilman, Elodie Holmes, Fritz Dreisbach, Cynthia Miller, Charlie Miner, Kevin O’Grady, and Carole Perry.

But you can see more at the Tucson Museum of Art, Pima Community College’s Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery, University of Arizona’s Museum of Art and Joseph Gross Gallery, Davis Dominguez Gallery,  Skyline Gallery, Etherton Gallery, Madaras Gallery, Wilde Meyer Gallery, Fire Ranch Glassworks & Gallery, Jane Hamilton Fine Art, The Fifth at Sixth, Obsidian Gallery, and the Tucson International Airport.

The finale takes place on the weekend of April 8 – 10, and features demonstrations by a variety of artists using a variety of techniques, a talk by Ana Thiel of Mexico, who has a retrospective showing at the University of Arizona Museum of Art, and  a special Fire & Feast event for those who want the extra special events with the headliners. (more information on Fire & Feast at 884-7814)

Visiting the galleries to see the exhibitions is free, but to gain entry to the demonstrations, a $10.00 ticket can be purchased that will  cover most demos for 3 days.  Demos will be held at Philabaum Glass and the Sonoran Glass Art Academy, and tickets can be purchased at either location.  Parking ($5.00) at Sonoran Glass is recommended, as the Philabaum lot will be closed.  A shuttle will run between the two locations.  There will also be glassblowing demos at Fire Ranch Glassworks in Catalina.

Check the schedule of demonstrations at www.sonoranglass.org to make your plans for the weekend!