Winter/Spring: The 50th Anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement!

February 4th, 2012, 6 – 9 pm:  Opening Exhibition


30th –  Anniversary of Philabaum Glass Gallery

40 – Years these studio artists have worked in glass

50th – Anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement

February 4 – April 28, 2012



Rob Adamson, Donald Carlson, Dale Chihuly, Fritz Dreisbach, Henry Halem, Audrey Handler, Harvey Littleton, Joel Philip Myers, Mark Peiser, Tom Philabaum, Jack Schmidt, Randy Strong, Peter Vanderlaan

Harvey K. Littleton is credited as the father of the American Studio Glass Movement.  He started the first glass blowing program at the University of Wisconsin in 1962.  Many of Littleton’s students continued on to make a name for themselves in the new art-craft movement of glass, including six of the artists in this show:  Dale Chihuly, Fritz Dreisbach, Henry Halem, Audrey Handler, Tom Philabaum, and Jack Schmidt.

Littleton later developed the Vitreograph, a print made using glass as a printing plate in a process that avoids the dangerous chemicals and expensive presses of the traditional printing methods.  He invited many artists to produce their own Vitreographs at his North Carolina studio.  Some of those prints will be included in this show.

During the course of the exhibition, two of the participating artists, Fritz Dreisbach and Henry Halem, will give slide lectures describing their experiences in the early days of studio glass.

Joel Philip Myers Fritz Dreisbach Henry Halem


February 4th, 1:00 pm, at the Tucson Museum of Art Education Center Auditorium.  Slide Lecture titled, “Where Were You In ’62”, by Fritz Dreisbach, artist and founding member of the Glass Art Society.  The talk will describe the art/craft scene in the USA after World War II, including the birth of the studio glass movement in 1962 at the University of Wisconsin/Madison.

February 4th, 6 – 9 pm, OPENING RECEPTION at
Philabaum Glass Gallery, with a demonstration by Fritz Dreisbach. See Fritz and a team of other old-timers create a hand-blown vintage 60’s camper truck.  Demo begins at 6 pm.  No seating remaining at this time.

First glass studio at UW/Madison in 1963

March 3rd, 1 pm, at the Tucson Museum of Art Education Center Auditorium. Slide lecture titled “From The Ground Up” by Henry Halem, glass artist and Professor Emeritus from Kent State  University.  The talk will expound on the early days of  liberating the glass process from the factory to the private studio, and the enormous influence of those accomplishments.