Elodie Holmes may reproduce as needed for advertising, web and self promotion, for an unlimited time period. All use must be accompanied by photo credit © Wendy McEahern. Third party use by permission of Wendy McEahern ONLY and subject to licensing fees. ALL OTHER RIGHTS RESERVED For forty years Philabaum Glass has been a presence in the art scene of downtown Tucson. The gallery features Philabaum’s work, as well as many of today’s best known artists from across the country. Located at Five Points, the gallery is just seven blocks south of the Downtown City Center.
In October, we present Applebaum & Holmes, featuring the work of Leon Applebaum of Prattsburgh, NY, and Elodie Holmes of Santa Fe, NM.  In Leon’s transparent and textured sculpture using the circular form, he reflects the cyclical nature of life.  Elodie’s blown work uses  silvered Calcedonia glass, where skill is needed not just as the craftsman, but as the alchemist. Her sculptures are displayed on metal swiveled stands.
Green Moon210x211 Transf6 210w
Elodie Holmes Elodie Holmes
Leon Applebaum