Garden of Eden View320x427 For nearly forty years, Philabaum Glass has been a presence in the art scene of downtown Tucson.  The gallery features Philabaum’s work, as well as many of today’s best known artists.  Located at Five Points, the gallery is just seven blocks south of the Downtown City Center.

Our current exhibition, “GLASS REIMAGINED”  features the glass boxes of Henry Halem, a show of ongoing works from Halem’s personal collection that have never before been exhibited. The glass boxes provide a canvas inside and out for his various narratives of memory, experiences, dreams, family, and interests, often with a footprint in surrealism.  The show runs through April.

 Enigmatic Vessel210x368  Box House 3 210x307
“Garden of Eden”  “Sarcophagus” “Fractured Dream”